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Protecting Your Brand

Powerful branding can be a valuable component of any business. As registered Canadian trademark agents, we can help ensure the investments you make in your marketing and branding are protected through trademark clearance, registration and portfolio management. Our firm assists a number of Canadian start-ups and small businesses to ensure their selected brand is likely to avoid costly potential challenges. We also handle the regular Canadian filings of a number of larger Canadian businesses with a range of branded products and services.

We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective advice and provide flat fees for trademark filings.

The Canadian trademark system has undergone significant change that has presented new challenges to trademark owners and active businesses in policing and maintaining their brand identities. We regularly help foreign applicants understand and adapt to these changes, and assist with filing and prosecution strategies that best position their portfolios for success.

Policing Your Brand

Policing your brand is an important aspect of brand protection and has become even more important as Canada has implemented significant changes to its registration requirements. Brand owners need to actively watch for confusingly similar marks and move decisively to block or remove registrations that can potentially damage an existing or potential brand. We can help monitor activity on the Trademarks register and provide guidance on when and when not to take action.

We are adept at using cancellation proceedings to remove impediments to clients’ registrations and to prompt negotiated co-existence agreements, where possible. We are also experienced in handling opposition proceedings at the Trademark Office to defend clients’ existing brands or registrations against competing trademarks, or to guide a client’s mark to registration in spite of the objections of a third party.

Our firm has also helped negotiate resolutions to a number of trademark-related disputes without the need for costly litigation.

We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective advice and provide flat fees for trademark filings.

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