About Us

A Modern IP Law Firm

In 2011, we set out to build a new IP law firm unique to the Canadian landscape in its focus on high-tech innovation and Canadian-originated filings. We offer practical, high-quality legal services for innovators and entrepreneurs. We believe that with advanced docketing and software systems, highly-trained staff, effective workflow design, and skilled, dedicated professionals, a lean operation can provide top quality service at a reasonable price.

Since our start, we have managed growth carefully to ensure individual matters receive the right attention from the right people to achieve client objectives efficiently and effectively. This also allows us to tailor our services and processes to accommodate the needs of individual clients, large and small.

Focused On High-tech Innovation

With our focus on high-tech innovation and our direct involvement in both US and Canadian prosecution, we work at the leading edge of recent developments in difficult patentable subject matter issues in both countries. Our lawyers are adept at guiding existing applications through the confusing and evolving maze of patentable subject matter challenges, and crafting new applications to best meet these types of challenges. Indeed, over 80% of our granted patents are for software-implemented inventions.

Experience in both US and Canadian Filings

Our deep experience in drafting, filing, and prosecuting US applications and managing foreign filings is brought to bear in how we approach Canadian filings for our foreign clients. As a Canadian agent, we act in the way that we would want our foreign agents to act. Our familiarity with US prosecution practice means that we keep the larger picture in mind when managing a Canadian prosecution, and ensure that our efforts are complementary to the global portfolio.

Top Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Us:
  • We boast two of the less than 35 total lawyers in Ontario that are Certified Specialists in Patent Law by the Law Society of Ontario
  • Based on recent statistics, our US patent allowance rate is over 90%
  • Over 80% of our granted patents are for computer-implemented (software-based) inventions
  • All of our attorneys have a background in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science and have written computer code in a past life


Awards We've Received
  • Intellectual Asset Management 1000 Recommended (2018)
  • Intellectual Asset Management 1000 Recommended (2017)
  • Acquisition International – Best IP Boutique Law Firm – Canada (2015)
  • Client Choice for Intellectual Property (Patents) – Jeff Tracey (2015)
  • Best Lawyers – Fraser Rowand Listed (2016, 2017)
  • Acquisition International - Best for IP Portfolio Management – Canada (2016)
  • Corporate Livewire – Legal 2015 Awards - Top Tier in Trade-mark Law – Canada (2015)
  • Corporate Livewire – 2016 Legal Awards – IP Law Firm of the Year – Canada (2016)
  • Acquisition International – Most Innovative Law Firm of 2016 – Canada (2016)