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The core of our business is protecting your technical innovation. When it comes to patent preparation and prosecution, you need someone that can quickly grasp technology and foresee its commercial implications; someone that regularly navigates the patent systems in the US, Canada, and beyond; someone that can help you obtain the broadest licensable claim scope available using the shortest and most cost-effective strategy available. This is why our firm is regularly called upon by sophisticated medium and large enterprises to assist with their patent programs.

When it comes to crafting valuable patents for inventors, we pride ourselves on deep knowledge of the nuances of patent drafting and the ability to deliver high quality applications at a reasonable price. We are registered patent agents in both Canada and the United States (when acting for Canadian applicants) and we have created hundreds of new patent applications in just the past five years. When it comes to prosecution of patent applications in the US, Canada or elsewhere, we provide a tailored service that matches the needs of the client. A number of the patents drafted and prosecuted by our firm have now gone on to be licensed or asserted in litigation, indicating that the granted claim scope was seen as commercially relevant and valuable. In short, we have a proven history of creating and obtaining valuable patents.

Two of our partners are certified by the Law Society of Ontario as specialists in patent law and are active in a number of industry groups and associations related to patent law.

Through our network of foreign associates, we have extensive experience in obtaining corresponding patents in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and beyond.

In addition to patent drafting and prosecution, we provide infringement and validity opinions to guide strategy in potential acquisitions, litigation, or licensing arrangements.

Our lawyers and agents have particularly deep experience dealing with the complex and constantly-shifting area of software innovation. We are adept at guiding existing applications through the confusing and evolving maze of patentable subject matter challenges, and crafting new applications to best meet these types of challenges. Indeed, over 80% of our granted patents are for software-implemented inventions and 100% of our lawyers have written computer code in a past life.

A number of foreign law firms and companies call upon us to file and prosecute their Canadian applications. Given our expertise in protecting software-implemented inventions, we are often called upon by companies that regularly encounter subject matter objections to assist with overcoming these objections in Canada.

When handling the Canadian counterpart of a patent application drafted by foreign counsel, we leverage our deep familiarity with US and European prosecution to ensure that the Canadian prosecution complements and enhances the overall portfolio position and does not create inconsistencies that have the potential to cause future problems. As a lean and nimble organization, we adapt our processes to the needs of the foreign client, whether that means taking on a greater role in guiding the prosecution and proposing strategy, providing only guidance on Canadian-centric issues, adopting unique billing processes, or otherwise tailoring our workflow or reporting as needed.

Approximate annual patent applications filed globally by Rowand LLP

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Patent quality score from PatentBots, putting us in the top 20 of all firms, with no other Canadian firm in the top 50

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