Archive | February, 2012

Open war-of-words at CAFC: Bard Peripheral Vascular v. W.L. Gore & Associates

Newman, J. and Gajarsa, J. engage in open warfare in their respective reasons in Bard Peripheral Vascular v. W.L. Gore & Associates. The judgment is a Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decision in a long-running dispute regarding US patent no. 6,436,135 (first filed in 1974!), which relates to prosthetic vascular grafts fabricated from […]

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Broken promises: Eurocopter v. Bell Helicopter

The judgment of Martineau J. in Eurocopter v. Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limitée, 2012 FC 113, was released recently.  It represents a win for Eurocopter in that Bell was found to infringe claim 15 of Canadian Patent no. 2,207,787 (the ‘787 Patent).  Much will be made of the fact Martineau J. awarded punitive damages; however, […]

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